Why Robin-Zug?

Commuters and travellers face short and longer train delays or cancellations on a daily basis. Most of them are unaware of their rights and leave Deutsche Bahn with a significant sum of unclaimed compensation money.

Robin Zug wants to change that. We aim to help travellers  make proper use of their rights when the railway company doesn’t uphold its promises. Just like Robin Hood, we get money back for customers who were inconvenienced to improve the quality of railway transportation service. This is our vision of a fair customer relationship.

Our values

  • We make it easy

    The Deutsche Bahn claim process is complicated and tiresome. We guarantee you fast and easy online claim submissions instead.

  • We stand for fairness

    We commit to making sure your rights are secured. We don’t let big Deutsche Bahn corporation get away without delivering the service its customers have paid for.

  • We commit on a local level

    We are based in Augsburg und want to contribute to the development of the tech-scene there outside of the usual German start-up strongholds. By doing so, we hope to create future-oriented working places.

The founding team

  • Barbara Jaeg

    • Passionate about UI/UX
    • Develops web and corporate designs for medium sized businesses and global players.
    • Loves it when digitalisation leads to a positive impact on society.
  • Alexandre Jaeg

    • Founder & Robin-Zug’s mastermind
    • Commuter, project and sales manager in the aeronautical industry
    • Loves helping travellers, who rely on train punctuality to bring them home on a daily basis.
  • Jean Schmitt

    • Jean, the Lord of the algorithm
    • Programs for small and large businesses
    • Likes to travel by train as he has a fear of flying.

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