My rights

Train delay, cancellation, strike, Taxi or hotel bill: which rights can I make use of as a passenger?

  • Train delay

    • After an expected 20 minutes delay at your destination, you decided to take a different train.
    • After an expected 60 minutes delay at your destination, you can get part of the ticket price reimbursed.
  • Train cancellation

    • Deutsche Bahn is obligated to bring you to your destination, even with a different means of transportation.
    • You can also cancel or interrupt your trip.
  • DB strike

    • Regardless if your issue was caused by an event beyond DB control (e.g. strike, storm, etc.), your rights for compensation remain untouched.
    • In case of traffic interruption, costs associated to a car ride can be refunded.
  • Taxi bill

    • If you arrive too late at night due to a delay or
    • If you can’t proceed with your trip within the same day.
  • Hotel bill

    • If you can’t continue your trip the same day due to a delay or cancellation and the costs are lower than a taxi ride.
  • Additional expenses

    • Can be reimbursed under certain conditions in case DB is not in a position to bring you to your destination on the scheduled day. E.g. additional train or bus ticket, taxi bill…
  • Time limitation

    • Valid up to a year after the expiration date of the ticket.
    • For seasonal tickets, the end of the validity period is relevant, not the one of the delay.

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