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We at Robin-Zug are convinced that travelling by train can be enjoyable. That is why we strive to take it one step further in the direction of customer service - a service, which saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

Full transparency – our service fees.

Robin-Zug stands for fairness: we keep a flat service fee only if you get compensated.

  1. Deutsche Bahn transfers your full compensation to your bank account. At least your first claim is free. Afterwards, a service fee shall be paid at the claim submission. 

  2. We keep a flat service fee:
    69 cents for a claim related a season ticket valid only for the regional traffic.
    99 cents for a claim related a season ticket valid for the long distance traffic (ICE, IC, BC100) or a regular ticket with an expected compensation lower than 15 euros.
    1,99 euro for a claim related a regular ticket with an expected compensation higher than or equal to15 euros.

  3. You are guaranteed success as well as the assurance that your personal data will not be sold to a third party. You are our customer, not our product.


Should you have any questions beyond the ones addressed here below, we would be happy to help: just write us here .

How long does it take for me to get compensated?

According to the Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the October 23, 2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations, Article 17(2), passengers have the right to get their claim answered within a month or at least be informed when they can expect an answer within a 3 month timeframe starting with the day of the claim submission.

Based on our experience the processing time within the Fahrgastrechte Service center varies, between 8 to 62 days with an average of 24 days. In rare cases, it can take up to 7 months. Anyway, whatever happens, we won’t stop until we get a satisfying answer and will keep you informed along the way.

Why can’t I claim directly with Deutsche Bahn online?

At the moment, it's only possible to claim in paper form via mail or - only for regular tickets - at the train station directly. Here you can find the claim form z that you can submit yourself. Claims are then processed either directly on-site or by the central passenger rights service center.

When asked directly, Deutsche Bahn responded that a significant need for online submissions has not yet been identified. Robin-Zug intends to prove the contrary.

In which form do I get compensated?

Robin Zu offers two alternatives:

  • Your compensation is transferred by Deutsche Bahn or the responsible railway operator directly to your bank account.
  • You get a voucher-code per E-Mail from Robin Zug, which can be used to buy a ticket from Deutsche Bahn or the responsible railway operator. This voucher is valid for a year and cannot be converted in cash once issued.

What happens if Deutsche Bahn rejects my claim?

Our service helps you check first to see if you have a chance to get reimbursed. Therefore, we assume a higher chance of success. Should your claim be rejected, we will inform you and let you know the reason provided by the carrier.
In this case, no service fee applies and the corresponding credit is returned so it can be used for another claim.
Upon request, we can provide you with a copy of the answer from the Fahrgastrechte Service center, so you have the possibility to escalate your case to the Schlichtungsstelle der Öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln (arbitration office of public transportation).

What does Robin Zug do with my personal data?

Your privacy is important to us. Of course, we respect the legal obligations from the EC General Data Protection Regulation. Besides, our servers are based in the European Union (not in the United States!). We don't trade your personal data. We value you as our customer, not our product.

Do I need a bank account in Germany to get compensated?

No, your refund will be transferred via SEPA direct debit. That means that your account can be based in the following countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus

I received a letter from Deutsche Bahn related to a delay I claimed through Robin-Zug. What shall I do?

In rare cases, you will be contacted by mail directly in regards to a claim. Please take a photo of the letter and send it to us at info@robin-zug.de


Do I need a confirmation of the delay from Deutsche Bahn to get compensated?

In most cases, this confirmation is not necessary: ​​the Passenger Right Service Center does not need them to assess your case. However, this confirmation is required if you have interrupted your journey.

I commute with a season ticket (Jobticket, yearly, monthly or weekly seasonal ticket). How can I prove that I actually travelled on a delayed train?

Usually, you can‘t. Therefore you will not be asked to provide a justification. Your ticket alone is sufficient.

What is the timeframe for claiming a delay?

Claims usually have to be submitted within a year starting from the end of the validity period. Learn more about the limitation of liability in time here.

Will the price of tickets increase if many claims are sent?

According to Deutsche Bahn, €40 million a year are paid in compensation to passengers. Your contribution will be likely be in the range of 0.0001%. On the other hand, fares regularly increase anyway over the years. Your conscience can remain intact!

With which types of tickets can I use the Robin-Zug service?

Presently, the Robin Zug Service can be used together with a season ticket (job ticket, yearly, monthly, weekly seasonal ticket or student season ticket) sold in Germany or a Bahncard 100. 

It can also be used for claims related to regular tickets or Länderticket (Bayernticket, Quer-durch-das-Land-Ticket, etc ...), as long as they habe been sold in Germany.

With regard to Interrail passes, there are some specificities. Here you can read more about them.

Can I claim delays related to international routes with Robin-zug?

As long as it concerns a Deutsche Bahn train or any German carrier or ticket that has been sold by Deutsche Bahn, we can help you.

Who gets the refund in the case of a business trip that has been paid by the employer?

Despite the Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the October 23, 2007 clearly mentions the “passengers”, who are personally impacted, there is no final decision from the Bundesarbeitsgericht.
In some companies, there might be an agreement or a clause in the employment contract, stating that any right for compensation shall be transferred from the employee to the employer. Therefore, it is recommended to check in advance with your employer if such agreement exists.
Source: Wirtschaftswoche

Is Robin Zug a debt collection service or a legal service?

No. Robin-Zug provides a free estimation of the chance of success of your claim without guarantee, fills according to the information your provide the claim form and forwards it to the Fahrgastrechte Service center. Once a response is received, it will be evaluated and transferred to you. A legal review of your claim or the enforcement of your rights through a legal procedure is excluded.
Contrary to issues with airlines, cases involving railways ususally do not require legal assistance.

I have missed my flight because of a train delay. Will Deutsche Bahn refund my travel?

If you have booked your train ticket separately from your flight, Deutsche Bahn is only liable for the train delay, not for its consequences. Therefore, you should take a certain buffer into account: 2 to 3 hours between arrival at the airport and departure time are recommended.

If you travel with a so called “Rain & Fly” oder “Zug zum Flug” ticket, the travel agency is usually liable for the whole trip, implying it should refund any additional cost (Fees for flight change, missed nights at the hotel, hotel at the airport, etc.) resulting from the delay. <br/>However, there is an exception: should you have chosen yourself a train connection arriving at the airport according to schedule less than three hours before departure time, the travel office may not be held for responsible. Here you can find more information about the arbitration of the court of Francfort.

In both cases, you can get compensated for the delay. This claim can be managed by Robin-Zug on your behalf.

Can I get compensated for all delays out of the delay database?

Clear statement: NO.

With regard to a season ticket (yearly, monthly or weekly ticket, Jobticket, Bahncard 100, etc.), You have the right to a compensation if you...

  • traveled on a delayed train
  • intended to travel on a delayed train but had to cancel your trip due to a delay/cancellation
  • intended to travel on a delayed train, traveled with another one due to a delay/cancellation and arrived late at your destination.

An implausible serial of claims may lead to fraud suspicion and corresponds to an abusive use of our Service.

  • Robin Zug keeps the right to refuse an order in case of strong suspicion of fraud.
  • In  the case Robin-Zug is informed about a serious suspicion of fraud, we will block and blacklist the corresponding user account.
  • Fraud is according to StGB §263 a crime and is punished with up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine.

Please DON’T do it.

When does a train delay or a cancellation get visible in the Robin Zug database?

Usually the database gets updated daily: you can submit a claim via Robin Zug starting from the following day.

Have any questions or concerns?

Please write us and we’ll get back to you. The requested personal data will solely be used in order to process your request. More information can be found in our data privacy policy.

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