Make a claim for a delayed train –
here is how it works:

Icon Verspaetung der Bahn

1) Simply search in the Robin Zug Database to find your delayed train.

Icon online Erstattung bei Verspaetung oder Ausfall der Bahn

2) Robin Zug handles
the paperworkfor 99 cents
per successful claim.

Icon Entschaedigung bei Fahrgastrechte

3) Your compensation is transferred directly to your bank account.

Robin Zug makes your claims easier,
quicker and more efficient.

  • Train delayed? Make use of your passenger rights and get compensated.
  • Join our commuter community by registering here.
  • Sign up now to get access to our database of train delays and get compensated. As soon as the list is updated, you’ll be informed by E-mail
  • Simply select the delays you wish to claim out of the database. A single click is enough to validate all your compensation requests.

Let us take care of the rest

  • We fill in the 2-page compensation form per delay and send them to the Deutsche Bahn. You save time and postal charges.
  • Our team checks the delay database: your claim is then processed quickly without having to provide additional receipts from Deutsche Bahn. Six weeks later at the most, your compensation is transferred to your bank account. You save time and avoid administrative hassles.
  • Exception: compensation related to overnight stays, travels with alternative means of transport and so on cannot be handled by Robin-Zug. In this case, please address your request directly to Deutsche Bahn using the regular process.
  • Our database only covers delays for the high-speed network (IC/EC/ICE and similar), not the regional network (RE/RB and similar).

Costs and benefits

  • Deutsche Bahn pays a flat compensation of at least 5€ per delay fulfilling the passenger rights conditions.
  • For each compensation using our service, a 99 cent fee (1 point) is subtracted from your credit. You can buy additional points if you don’t have enough credit.
  • Our success guarantee: this fee only applies if you actually get compensation from the Deutsche Bahn. Should it be rejected or no feedback is received within three months, your credit will be returned automatically.
  • Try it now for free! Every new user gets a credit worth 10 claim requests as a welcome gift

User feedback

“I collected all my tickets from the previous years and got enough money back to finance my next holidays: great!”

Alex J.

“From now, I get my money back each time the train does not show up.”

Ingo R.